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Professional Consulting

Aseuro Technologies has the capability to provide complete people solution by creating a team around senior Project Managers, senior Engineers and Technocrats who can provide excellent consultancy services. These 'core members' will be capable of Project Lead, Architect roles and executing projects under the aegis of Aseuro Technologies and in turn, will provide business infrastructure support to the members and, when required, technical support in the form of Tech Leads, Engineers, documentation, translation, etc.

Our Information Technology Professional Consulting Group is dedicated to providing outstanding results.  Our experienced team of Account Managers and Recruiters combined with our quality recruitment process allows us to deliver the best candidates for our clients.  Aseuro Technologies leverages our extensive in house project management and technical expertise which enables us to capitalize on the most positive aspects of staff augmentation and project outsourcing to provide clients with the best possible IT support.  By approaching every engagement as a project we are able to quickly assemble proficient team and place them appropriately.

Aseuro Technologies applies a unique depth of understanding to hiring, training and assigning IT Professionals.  We understand the motivations of both clients and consultant, ensuring a good fit for everyone. By leveraging this common ground, we are able to deliver a comprehensive solution to any consulting assignment. From project managers to application developers, we provide our clients access to a wide range of highly-qualified consultants.

Second Campus

‘Second Campus’ complements the intensive capabilities of the corporate to attract creamy layer from the academia. The corporate approach to second tier in the academia is diffused, and hence, Aseuro Technologies brings all the second tier engineers of the academia across the country under one roof termed ‘Second Campus’.

‘Second Campus’ is a fine sieve, where Aseuro Technologies picks up the gems that are as good as the creamy layer but were missed out during the screening mechanism adopted by the corporate during the campus recruitment drives. This is intended to save huge executive time, travel time and recruitment costs for the corporate and yet be able to select the talents.

‘Second Campus’ on the other hand acts as a knowledge repository to the many Fresh Graduates who miss the corporate bus for lack of finesse. These large chunks of resources are trained to improve learning abilities technically as well as shape up personality and certified to attend next set of campus recruitment.

Finishing School

Finishing School is a career wind tunnel where the candidates are trained and tested before committing them to the hazards of flight in the corporate world.

It provides expertise and support to our clients in equipping their technical pool with latest & relevant technology training as well as helps them employ people, productive from day one.

Finishing School’s unique value proposition is in providing customized training programs for each Client Company, in step with their specific requirement and at the same time be the vehicle for career advancement of people seeking an opportunity in leading IT organizations.

Aseuro Technologies has successfully completed several cycles of training through the Finishing School, earning accolades from clients and candidates. Today, Aseuro Technologies has a healthy inventory of qualified applications that Clients can select from.

To impart quality training, Aseuro Technologies has empaneled trainers who have domain specialization in varied subjects and requisite hands-on experience. Client Companies have an option to approve the trainer profiles and the training syllabus.